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Friends of Homeless Animals’ Fundraiser

2024 Run the Greenway 5K 10K and Fun Run
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This year, the Tails to Trails team is raising $25,000 to help with the expense of bringing in 100 dogs and cats over the next few months. On average, it costs $250 to bring in and provide our standard of medical care for each animal. The weekend of May 4, we anticipate welcoming 17 new dogs and cats. Help save lives today.

Tails to Trails (TTT) was developed in 2018 as part of FOHA's extensive enrichment program. Every Sunday morning, volunteers pair up with specially chosen dogs and take them to one of several nearby parks for a few-hour field trip and hike. Dogs who participate in TTT are those who have been at the shelter for a longer duration, have exceptionally high energy, are shy or fearful and in need of special socialization or bonding time, and/or have experienced behavioral challenges that preclude their participation in other enrichment activities like multi-dog play groups and public adoption events.

TTT offers the opportunity for a car ride (some of the dogs' favorite part!), extended exercise, the stimulation of new off-site smells, and bonding and quiet time away from the shelter—all deeply important experiences for dogs awaiting their forever homes. This special program was developed to make sure every dog at FOHA has the opportunity for enrichment, even if they aren't behaviorally suited for some of the more common enrichment activities. It's yet another way FOHA makes sure our pets have the highest possible quality of life while they're "Home with us until they're home with you."

Thank you for supporting FOHA and the Tails to Trails team!

About Friends of Homeless Animals

FOHA brings in at-risk dogs and cats so they can have a second chance at life and love. We are raising $25,000 to help with the expense of bringing in new intakes of dogs and cats. Help save 100 dogs and cats today.