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Fundraiser for Friends of Homeless Animals

2024 Run the Greenway 5K 10K and Fun Run
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This year, we are raising $25,000 to help with the expense of bringing in 100 dogs and cats over the next few months. On average, it costs $250 to bring in and provide our standard of medical care for each animal. The weekend of May 4, we anticipate welcoming 17 new dogs and cats. Help save lives today.

Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA) is unique among animal rescues. Here's why: 

  • The quality and extent of veterinary care we provide. 
  • The size and quality of the facilities, with an over 40 acre campus. 
  • Unique communal catteries Including one for FIV+ cats. Each cattery offers indoor and screened in sunroom/porch areas.
  • Customized and unique programs for all kinds of dogs including senior dog care, heartworm helper programs, and behavioral training and enrichment. 

Each donation helps to feed, medicate, and provide shelter for homeless dogs and cats until they find their forever homes, as long as it takes. 

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About Friends of Homeless Animals

FOHA brings in at-risk dogs and cats so they can have a second chance at life and love. We are raising $25,000 to help with the expense of bringing in new intakes of dogs and cats. Help save 100 dogs and cats today.